Friday, January 31, 2014

Surviving the heat...

I was reminded today that blog posts have been few this year so far. So here is an update...

I have been laying low in the scorching weather& having lost enthusiasm for watering the garden, some things have died or browned off. I'm waiting for the cooler weather to get in and cut back some plants that are overgrown or dead. I only have a couple of pots to water but would like to start fresh when watering is not such a chore. Our air conditioner has been doing a great job and we have had only one power outage to contend with.

I've been running after the sun goes down or on cooler afternoons and played tennis on Australia Day. Sunday was a really good day with 5 sets of good tennis and just the right amount of sunscreen to prevent burning. It was hot but not unbearable, not like the following day which was very hot and windy.Tennis & cardio tennis and pilates will recommence now & I'm really looking forward to that.

Erin has gone back to school to embark on her VCE but is more focused on the upcoming debutante ball. At least it will be over in March. We finally got the car back from the panel beaters, her opportunity to get in lots of driving practice was stalled over the 4 week hiatus while it was being beaten.

Chris has also recommenced school runs. The promise of 'plenty of work' during the school holidays was not forthcoming so it will be good to have a regular income again.

Nothing has changed for Callum. I wish I had some exciting news to share. Or even some news to share. But no.

Hayley is off to chilly Amsterdam for a 4 day weekend with girlfriends. When she gets back to England she is hoping to get more work to sustain herself, she is finding it rather tight without funds.

And I'll leave you with this pic that made me smile today

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