Saturday, January 4, 2014

The year is over...

Just back from our week away at the beach and looking forward to the year ahead. Some pics from our holiday, the first one for a few years that it wasn't warm enough for us to go swimming...

Packed up to the hilt & ready to go on what was going to be the only hot day of the trip, already 38 degrees when we set off on our 3 hour trip. This one took a bit longer because of multiple wee stops and taking the Colac road instead of the Hamilton one.

The cool change had come by the time we arrived and the strong winds made tent assembly difficult and comical. Trips to the beach after that were confined to the sand and needed a jacket or two.

Chris came down for New Year's Eve, this was the first time he had joined us for camping and it was the highlight of our week. Erin had particularly missed him and I found out later had sent him texts telling him as much. She loved his visit and we popped the Moet and waited up for the fireworks.
Happy New Year.
A rare pic of us together on the beach

Little Sister and her husband and third Nephew came down for a few days as well. It was fun to be camping out with all the families. Third Nephew braved the water and refused to admit it was cold. Teenage boys are hardy. We rocked hopped together and saw marine life including dolphins which was quite exciting. We usually do this same walk around Griffith Island and each time it is different.

After the walk we checked out the new ice cream shop and weren't disappointed.

Granny's grave, a historical site was quite threatening. The sign promised all sorts of dangers which we didn't risk.

I ran a couple of times, once along this portion of the rail trail. Previously we had ridden our bikes all the way to Koroit. A 5km stretch was enough.

We managed a jigsaw and did lots of reading. Some of us were reading books that were sadder than others and needed a tissue.

Our campsite was a bit fuller this year and it works out well because Big Sister is very generous and providing which we appreciate very much.

Some of my photos were taken with my phone and others with the D-SLR. I didn't want to take my camera to the beach or on the rocks but had fun photographing local sites and playing with the settings.

It was a good week even though it wasn't a warm one and hopefully we can do it all again next year.

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