Monday, January 6, 2014

The year in review...

After reading Hayley's blog I was thinking back over my year as well. It was a good year overall with some milestones achieved.

I turned 50 this year and shortly after ran my first half marathon.

I said goodbye at the airport to my little girl and have missed her ever since and have watched her travels closely.

We celebrated Mena's 80th birthday with lots of family from around Australia.

I played lots of tennis ending up winning one grand final and coming runner up in another. I have made new friends through tennis and running. Some other friends have faded away.

I ran over 600km in training and participated in 6 different runs. I ran in parks, around lakes, over bridges, in tunnels, at the Zoo and on the MCG. I got up to 6.3 in the beep test. My weight stayed exactly the same for the whole year.

Work saw me stepping up in new role.Chris started back on the buses. Hayley did a few different jobs to get herself overseas.

Erin started driving. Callum's still looking for work. We elected a new Prime Minister.

I had just 2 haircuts ( I know right!?!) and attended just 1 funeral.

Flicking back through my diary lots of the entries were for work events or things for Erin. There are outings with Hayley (remember the New York style exhibition at Chadstone and lunch at the Grosvenor Hotel?). My scrapping was a bit less this year but still shows the things I did with Erin (zoo trips, holidays).

I don't make resolutions but hope to continue to live my life contented, striving to be a good person.

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