Saturday, January 25, 2014

New shoes...

When I counted up how many kms I had run in my shoes and got a staggering 760kms I figured it was time for new shoes.

We headed over to the Athletes Foot store and got measured up and tested and tried a few pairs and decided to give these light weight gel shoes a try. I was always a New Balance girl but have gone with Asics this time.

The first run felt great but when I clocked up 8k with Running Buddy my sock slipped down at the back and I ended up with a blister. Bummer. Today with the running group and later at tennis I can still feel that blister.

The start of the year has seen a re invigoration in my running. At the end of the year I was a bit tired and lacking motivation but now into the new year I anticipate each run and am disappointed if the hot weather puts us off.

We have talked about starting our own running group with people, mostly from work, who have said 'I would like to be able to run'. We are going to meet at the river track from Monday and hopefully help along some others on their running journey.

The Australia Day Tennis Tournament is on tomorrow and I am partnering up with Helen again. Hopefully tomorrow she wont take one in the face for the team. Another friend has asked her son to partner her as her regular is unavailable. I would love that. To partner up in sport with your child. I remembered back to when Hayley and I did the Mothers Day Classic fun run together and how much I enjoyed that experience.

 I miss Hayley even more now I look back at these memories

I was a proud & happy Mumma this day

I asked Erin if she would like to do a Colour Run with me and she surprised me by saying Yes! So I have booked that in for March 2nd. More memory building to come. I have found as the children get older the relationship evolves to a different style of mothering with different challenges and rewards.

I just have to find something to share with Callum.

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