Monday, January 20, 2014

Quiet time...

Apart from the constant hum of air conditioners running non stop during our 'record breaking heat wave' it has been pretty quiet around here.

We lay pretty low during the week of 40 degrees plus weather, keeping one eye on the CFA incident web site watching for news of fires. I was concerned for Big Sister when word spread around that her town had been ordered to evacuate. That turned out to be false but there was a big grass fire close to her that the CFA got under control quickly. We watched the skies at night, the lightning show was spectacular and responsible for many fires. Little Sister lives with the threat of fires also. Seems no-one is truly safe from them. I worry about work too with grass fires a real danger. There was no 'cool of the night' to get relief from the days scorching temperatures. I went to work or from one air conditioned place to the next, ever grateful for constant power to run them. I am not reliant on trains thankfully as they were out of action in the heat.

Charter work was thin on the ground for Chris as it was too hot for outings & the potential to be caught out in a grass fire was huge. I am sad to see the Grampians on fire again. They have had fires, floods and now fires again. We love that area and know that they can recover from these events but it is heart breaking to see.

I have enjoyed watching the tennis of the Australian Open and am astounded that they kept on playing during those scorching days. I didn't venture out for any running until the temperature was back in the 20's. On Saturday I made up for it by running in the morning with the running group and again in the afternoon with Running Buddy. That afternoon run was golden. It felt fantastic and again made me grateful to be able to do it.

I'll leave you with a 29 year old photo

We celebrated 29 years of marriage this week and next to the photo that is the header of this blog this is one of my all time favourites. I think we both look pretty good. Chris is so handsome in his tux and nary a grey hair in sight. This was taken after we were married, at my graduation later that same year, 1985. As we head off into our 30th year of marriage I am grateful to be able to celebrate such milestones.

Nothing is perfect around here but I have much to be grateful for.

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