Sunday, January 12, 2014

City dining...

Chris' brother and his wife are visiting Melbourne for a week. They are escaping Perth's hot weather to experience ours. We wanted to catch up with them and arranged a dinner in the city to do just that. So on a Saturday afternoon I was looking on the internet for somewhere nice, not too pricey where we could get in at short notice. I trawled through the reviews and ended up booking 'Grill Steak Seafood' in Hardware Lane. This worked out to be close to their hotel and our parking venue. I needed not to have spent any energy on it at all.

 As you walk down the narrow laneway the restaurants are spilling out onto the street. It seemed really busy and bustling but each establishment had spruikers trying to get you to come in and dine with them. Politely we said we had a booking, something I would have thought essential on a Saturday night but it seems there were plenty of other opportunities. 

We had a nice meal together and my blind pick turned out really well.

And already this year I have had my husband on holiday with me AND got him into a restaurant.

It's a good start to the year.

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