Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back home...

There's nothing like unpacking and repacking a tent and a few loads of washing to signal that your holiday is over. I should have taken down the Christmas tree and decorations before we went to the beach as it seems like Christmas was an eternity ago and these reminders are just work waiting to be done. The house is really dusty and as I take down the tinsel I am finding loads of dust to clean up as well. Just makes the whole process longer.

Anyway, despite the drama and worry of Big Sister's husband falling ill with what turned out to be cellulitis and septicaemia we had a good week's break. Helped along when Little Sister turned up with her youngest son for a couple of days. We were able to swim in the ocean on the really hot days, and play with Wahu balls while dodging the waves. I would love to have photos of that time but will have to content myself with the memories of that fun time.

That fun makes us forget that at times we were sweltering, or were rugging up against the cold, that we fell over on the rocks (me), burned ourselves with kettles ( Big Sis) or tripped over tent ropes and grazed an elbow (Little Sis). We also got bitten by bugs.

But this trip was memorable also for long walks, steep walks, snake sightings, rock hoppping, beach combing, ice creams, swimming, fireworks, BBQs, reading, puzzles and lot of relaxing. I didn't do some of the things I thought I would, bike riding for one, and makes me question whether I will struggle with the bikes again. Erin wasn't keen to ride, Big Sister ruled out long rides and sickness stopped other plans and then when we had 2 more bodies than bikes it didn't work out. Maybe next time.

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