Monday, January 7, 2013

On the run again...

One more week of holidays, just at home, being relaxed, doing a puzzle, reading another book, a bit of cleaning & ironing and back to running again.

Running Buddy & I did a mean 6k this morning before it got too hot (& too hot it was by the afternoon). We are planning our training around participating in the Run 4 the kids in March. I hadn't planned to run in it again this year but will do it for support for her. It has given us a goal and at 15kms plus hills, bridges & tunnels to contend with we will have to mix it up a bit.

I've looked back at the running I did in 2012 and at this point don't plan to do as many fun runs as I did last year but it is a fantastic way to stay on track so to speak.

2012...the year of running

 Using my Garmin Forerunner that I received for Christmas has been a fun & informative way of keeping track of lap times. I also used it on holidays just to see how far we walked on our adventures, you might see more of these

Killarney beach by unbalancedlibran at Garmin Connect - Details

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