Thursday, January 10, 2013

Then & now...

During our holiday in Port Fairy I was reminded of a scrapbook page I made for Erin. The photos were taken by Big Sister during a trip to Warrnambool. She had taken Erin on a family trip with them to keep her daughter company.

Tower Hill 2002

 The accompanying story from this day straight from Erin's recount was that while they were trying to have their lunch in the picnic ground the Emus were pestering them so much that "Uncle B had to wave his hat and shout Shoo Shoo" to frighten them off. The girls were just 4 at the time.

During this adventure this pic was snapped

so this time we asked the girls to recreate this pose on the steps, we couldn't get an emu to co-operate though and they weren't much interested in holding hands.

The view from the top is spectacular, you can look down to the volcanic crater or out to the ocean.

just like the girls did in 2002                                                                   and 2012.


After this trip up Tower Hill we heard that a bush fire had gone through that area, it might look a little different after that event and it might be another 10 years before we trek up that track again. 

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