Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nana's 80th...

The weekend has gone by in a blur. Many photos were taken. People came and went from the airport. We took over the Quest motel in Narre Warren. There were more Mitchells than you could poke a stick at. Brothers and sisters were reuniting and cousins were catching up that hadn't seen each other since they were babies. Elderly people were remarking about the grownupness of children. And blind genetisists could see the strong family resemblence.

Quite a crew but still missing a couple

Grandchildren and one great grandson, again not the whole bunch

I was very proud of our offspring

The family photo I didn't get at Christmas

The trick candle tricked Mena a few times. She got very emotional when her oldest son gave his speech.
Only blues for this family

Duncan was a one man karaoke machine

This joker came all the way from Manchester to be at the party
It is such a shame that they are spread around Australia and for them all to be together is such a rarity. Plans are always made not to let so much time pass before it can happen again but it isn't easy and its not for a lack of desire.

Hopefully it will happen again soon.

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