Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day...

Happy Australia Day everyone. Lots of celebrations going on over the weekend, we'll get a public holiday on Monday to continue the celebration of this great country. Tonight we have many more new citizens and worthy Australians awarded and lauded.

I played in the Austalia Day tennis tournament and had a lovely day playing with the girls. I teamed up with a new partner and we played really well together. We had some laughs and some success with trying out moves we have recently learned from watching the Australian Open! We are glad to see that even the champions can serve up some double faults as well and luckily we dont have to put up with the squealy grunting that goes on.

I was really surprised to see my little sister's best friend playing in our tournament today. She had come down from Ballarat to play on the grass for the first time. Her husband and 15yo also teamed up to win their grade.

It has been a really nice day.

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