Friday, January 18, 2013

keep on running...

I thought I was going to dial back my running this year but things can change.

My best present this Christmas was a Garmin GPS watch that can time your splits and replay the courses you have run. After each run I eagerly download the activity to compare and relive the experience. I am loving the Garmin. It has helped keep us on track.
We have been training for the upcoming Run 4 kids and found a twilight run around the zoo to keep us motivated in training. The 8km run is 2 laps in and around Melbourne Zoo which should be novel & interesting and another to cross off the running bucket list.

I've also compiled a folder with all my bibs and time certificates. A bit nerdy. No a lot nerdy really, but I am proud of my progress and so will be adding to the folder this year when I wasn't anticipating to. Some runs I will repeat to help Running Buddy with her goals so it looks like a long run in to the MCG is on the agenda.

I will not be doing Tough Mudder. No. No way. Not ever.

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