Friday, November 16, 2012

Saying goodbye...

We went to Gordon's funeral today and it was a poignant affair.

I was impressed by the celebrant who did a very nice job of farewelling Gordon with some reflection and sage words of advice. Lauren was very brave and spoke about her father and mother and her childhood memories with poise and grace. During the photo montage Lauren had chosen some of her father's favourite musical songs to listen to, one of them being Eidelweiss. After we had watched, laughed and sniffed, the celebrant made a very interesting observation. She thought that Eidelweiss was a very fitting tune for a farewell. During the song when it gets a bit hard to sing the family steps in for support and then the community steps in for support also. Much like when someone is grieving family and community support is so important.

I felt a bit lost when my mother died, without parents to turn to my sisters, family and friends became so important. Lauren does not have any siblings but is surrounded by family and friends who will help her through this difficult time. She has nursed her father for some years now and there will be a huge gap without that responsibility.


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