Sunday, November 11, 2012

A sunny weekend...

has ended.

I played tennis yesterday and had a lovely social game. Erin spent the whole day at the Djerriwarrh Festival and came home late, after the fireworks. I missed out this year as she was with her friends. I really like to watch fireworks and they usually put on a pretty good show.

So today I spent some time with my tennis widow husband. We were in the back garden making a plan for replacing/painting the pergola roof and got stuck into some pruning. We lingered under the shady vine covered verandah and patted ourselves on the back for the progress of the garden thus far. We didn't know we were being watched

 We have made a couple of nice areas to linger in and once the roof is re-done it won't matter if it is hot or wet on Christmas Day we will be OK.

On Friday I made 2 more pages, I am inching toward my goal



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