Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another race report...

this time from the Lara Fun Run.

I only decided on Thursday to participate in this years run and I'm very glad I did. It was a beautiful morning and set out on a really good course. Last years race was run in cold and wet conditions around the township of Lara. This year they changed the course to Serendip Sanctuary.

We started off from the Pirra Homestead (which at one point in its history was a home for wayward girls) and then returned to recover on the expansive lawns.

I was really happy with my pace and endurance and enjoyed the run. My time was 4 mins faster than last year. This year the conditions were better and my fitness has improved. Still not a winning time but I'm pleased.

 On the way back to the car I snapped this pic of the grain with the cars parked in a cleared area, nice of them to do that for 690 participants.

Now I am showered, refreshed and refuelled I'm off to enjoy the rest of this magnificent day.

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