Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting with a hint of...


I painted the newly denuded pergola yesterday on what was a sunny pleasant day. Too bad I thought about the sunscreen a little late and ended up with sunburnt arms. I could start a new trend. Have you seen tattoo sleeves that end at the wrist? Well now I have the equivalent in redness, sunburn sleeves that end at the wrist where my gloves were. I am really cross with myself for getting burned but am pleased the whole structure is now freshly painted and ready for the roofing sheets to go on.

While I was painting I couldn't help but think about Sarah Cafferkey's mother and how she is coping with the loss of her daughter in such awful grizzly circumstances. Her life will never be the same, how will she go on without her beautiful child. These thoughts haunted me all day. Our little town is abuzz with this story. Seems everyone knew her or is related to her or went to school with her or knew the mother of her ex ex boyfriend, etc etc. What we can't get over is the how and the why. Our town should be known for the Strawberry & Cherry festival or the Farmers Market or the way we rally around for  someone in need, not for this shocking news.

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