Tuesday, November 6, 2012

News & nearly news...

News in, the new neighbour moved in on Friday and it has been all quiet on the home front. Hayley's friend was in the removalist team and provided some information, an older woman on her own. I've barely seen or heard her in the last few days, quite a good result.

I made this card for the tennis coach and his wife,

They are expecting their 3rd child any day now, Steve let slip that this one is a boy to add to their two girls. Maybe tennis on friday will be a washout or a babyout. I punched those little elephants from a thin foam which to my surprise slipped into the punch and worked well.

I also have 2 more layouts to share

Reluctant Relayer, no: 40

number 41
I am getting myself into a groove within my new space, popping in randomly to create when I feel like it. Today I was looking for a particular die I had used on this Turbo layout and couldn't find it anywhere. I went to look in the waste bin but it had been efficiently emptied for bin night tonight. I ran out to the street doing my best bin scab impersonation and found it amongst the paper scraps. I'll have to stop being so tidy!

The biggest news I have tonight is that Hayley has resigned. She no longer has the will to continue and her desire to travel is stronger than sticking it out at something she hates. She is going to pick up work so she can save and jet off asap. I am a bit sad for her that she didn't get her qualification but we will support her in whatever direction she takes.

I will head back to work tomorrow after a lovely 5 days off and thank the idiocy that gives us a public holiday for a horse race. I wont say no to a day off, but don't get involved in any sweeps or betting. They had a perfect day for the tennis tournament on the grass courts and we had just 6 drops of fat rain after some spectacular thunder.

Two more days then another rest. Its a great life.

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