Saturday, July 14, 2012

You can tell...

You can tell it is winter.

You can tell it has been rainy and cold.

You can tell I have worked 4 days this week.

You can also tell I spent the whole day today cleaning, dusting, doing laundry and grocery shopping.

You can tell by the complete lack of communication on this blog.

Not much to say, not much of interest been happening around here. Erins' school holiday has come to an end and it has been pretty uneventful for her. The way it works out her birthday always falls in the school holidays. I remember going into labour on the Friday afternoon of the last day of term, depriving Hayley and Callum the excitement of going into school the next day to announce the news of the new arrival in our family, they had to wait 2 weeks to do that.

Despite the gloomy weather I have been training for tomorrows' run around the Maribyrnong River. This will be the first one with the Victorian Road Runners, so I will see how it goes before committing to a membership.

I will leave you with 2 more layouts that have been done for a while

number 26

Totoro, number 27
Both of these layouts are for Erins album. She was very excited one day when I picked her up from school to go back up to the gallery to see her sculpture. For her elective in 3D art she made a clay form of the anime figure Totoro. Only 3 sculptures from her class were chosen to be in the exhibition and she was thrilled to be chosen. When we went in to look at the exhibition I was impressed with the entire gallery and the beautiful space in the Terraces building. Next term she is doing 2D art and VCD, following her artistic passion.

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