Sunday, July 15, 2012

Run in the sun...

Early this morning the sun was shining, but giving off little warmth, and there was no wind to speak of. The setting along side the river was serene and lovely. Our 5km course was mapped out as 2.5k out and back along the meandering waterway. There were plenty of others also using the track and enjoying the morning calm. Other joggers and walkers were amenable to the new group running in their space but cyclists are so entitled and rude.

My training had gone really well and I was able to run the whole distance with a time of 33:08! As I checked in my time I thought one marshall said to the other 'thats the third place veteran'.


I don't know if I was more perturbed as being in 'veteran' class before you turn 50 or that I had come in third ahead of all the other geezers.

I'll check the results on the website when they are published to confirm both facts.

I am pleased with my effort and my very quiet cheer squad

here I come bringing up the rear (or at the front of the 10k runners)
looking smoooooth in my Lorna Jane

did you just call me old?
 Pics taken by Chris with his phone, he needs to work on his photography skillz.

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