Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another weekend gone...

And another week has passed by without a blog update.

Erin went back to school and we all worked. Even Callum got a shift with a local motor mechanic and came home with a blister on his thumb from...sweeping. Starting with sweeping is a good start.

A busy week at work meant that I dont feel like doing anything at night except vegging out. I had tried to be a bit more organised and stuck to a menu plan which I think helped to take the pressure off thinking about meals. Only one run and one session of pilates was my post race 'week off'.

I was pleased to finally catch up with Big Sister and finish some more layouts.

number 28

number 29

number 30
It was good while scrapping on Friday to be able to look back at these layouts for inspiration. On Friday next I am going to do a group scrap with some local ladies. I wonder if their influence will filter through onto the pages I am planning. Erin has finally brought home her school photos so I probably get stuck into those, its always a challenge to do the school photos in a new way.

And the weekend has whizzed by with the usual laundry, cleaning, shopping roundabout. Chris dusted the cobwebs off his golf clubs and played 9 holes with a mate. He would have been pleased if his score was actually for 18 holes but you cant expect professional standards when you play once a year.

I might be able to copy and paste this post next week as we dont have anything startling happening this week either!

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