Sunday, July 1, 2012


We went to visit a new cafe that opened this week in Beaconsfield.

Not close by but well worth the 80 minute drive from our place. This new establishment has been opened by Chris' sisters, Colette in front of house and Yvonne doing the cooking. They have worked tirelessly to renovate the existing space (which was an italian restaurant) beautifully. Colette has filled the white interior with quirky pieces from her homewares shop and it has a peaceful, fresh feel.

The food was lovely as well, we filled up on an omelette for Chris and I had a delicious chicken salad washed down with a glass of wine. After we had caught up with the family I had a yummy chocolate caramel tart and good coffee.

I'm kickin myself that I didn't take any photos of any of the food or the cafe while I was there, I was just enjoying the moment. I'd put the link in here but Colette has been having problems with the web page so hopefully she'll get it sorted quickly and they will do really well working together in partnership.

While we were there I popped next door to Colettes' first business venture, her lovely shop called Cebu fashion & home.

Full of trendy clothes and interesting pieces I managed to pick up 2 new things for my winter wardrobe ( that I wasn't going to add to, I know, I remember I said that but I couldn't resist a bargain).

As it was a surprise visit from us we were also surprised to find Colettes 2 daughters working in her shop while she waitressed next door. Our nieces are lovely girls and they squealed with delight when they saw us come in, it was a lovely reception.

Now that Scully's is up & running Colette has big plans for extensions out the back to make a summer courtyard and room for a family celebration of their mothers' 80th birthday in January. She sure is a power house of get up & go.


  1. I went to school with Yvonne and haven't seen her for so many years. That's why myself and about 10 others who also went to school with her are jumping on a plane in August and heading over to help celebrate the opening of Scully's. Look out Beaconsfield, there's a bunch of mad 40-somethings coming at you!

  2. I'm sure Yvonne will be thrilled to have your support, they are already doing well & booking out some nights. They deserve their success!