Monday, July 2, 2012

While it is cold...

I have been productive.  Being productive at home while it is cold and wet outside keeps my mind off the cost of heating the house. I am mindful of the bills these days so I'm keeping the thermostat low and not using the dryer etc, now that the carbon tax is here I'm trying to cut costs if I can.

We have been having so much rain it made me think back to the last few years of the drought where we despaired that it would never rain again. It still startles me to see water laying in the paddocks and roadways and overfull dams where previously there was only an indent in the landscape

winter warmers from Coles
But I did get some layouts completed and made a new recipe from the latest Coles Winter handout. I made the pull apart spicy beef & beans in the slow cooker,
and then made these little cherry puddings.

This is week 27 of the year and here are a few more layouts towards the 50 total

number 23

number 24

number 25
I have 2 more to photograph and I am still on track.

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