Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tennis & scrapping...

Friday was cold, showery and grey. I wasn't sure if my scheduled first try at cardio tennis would go ahead. I went down to the courts to find the coach and no one else. So I had a private session and quite a good workout. Taking advantage of the individual time I was able to get in a bit more tennis coaching after the cardio session. The rain held off for us and I worked up a sweat, I really enjoyed the workout and the reunion with a game I loved to play. Today I am feeling a little sore in my right arm, its been a long time since I had rallies like that. I will attend more of these sessions when I can. Fridays have always been MY day to do things for me, usually catching up with Big Sister, or shopping or lunching but I'll definitely fit in some more sessions.

So big thumbs up for that!

After dinner I went down to our new library and met some new ladies for a group scrap. I struggled during the day to pack up some supplies, I needed enough to achieve something but have a lot of things to choose from. I didn't want to take too much. It's much easier when I go to Big Sisters' as she has a lot I can borrow from but I still struggle at times to get to her place with out the kitchen sink in my pack.
Luckily Wendy has supplies left over from her now closed scrap book shop which we were able to delve into (at reduced prices). This will be a monthly occurrence and I will probably go again, I was able to produce 4 layout pages but was frustrated at not being able to finish completely without that 'vital' thing that will make them perfect. Half of us were scrap booking and the others making cards and amongst the conversations I picked up a couple of tips.
One thing that I thought was ironic was that Wendy had many large tubs of supplies left over from the shop but she brought with her a kit from Chandon to work from. It confirms that whatever you have you always want something different.

Maybe I'll get those pages finished while I watch the Olympics.


  1. Managed two pages today while watching the replay of the opening ceremony. Was lovely at times when the sun was streaming in on my back. Squee! 2 holiday pages! L

  2. Well done, I wasn't as inspired without you