Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby think it over...

For Erin's year 9 Health & Human Development subject she has to look after a simulator baby. It is a computerized doll, programmed to mirror the needs of a realbaby,designed to show teens what parenting is really like.

She will look after it for 2 days and then be scored on her treatment of it. It has a sensor chip that records whether it has been left to cry, if its neck is unsupported and when it has been fed and changed. She is taking it all very seriously and is being very attentive to her baby. The program is meant to make teens realise what is involved in having a baby hence the 'Baby think it over' title.

As our family has grown the things that keep us up at night have changed, it has been a long time since a crying baby has been the culprit

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