Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When you don't get a tea break & have to eat your lunch on the run sometimes you get to finish a bit early to make up for it.

Actually finishing early means I get to get in a whole run before it gets dark. And running after a busy shift clears your head. So I headed down to the track this afternoon.

Now my car key is similar to this little black device. Because I drive down to the track I need to carry my key when I run. I don't have a pocket in my pants or top so I need to carry the key.

Tonight I thought I would tuck the key into my waistband but of course when I started off the key disappeared down my skinny running pants.

I'd had the whole track to myself until that moment, I looked around to see if any one would see me fishing around down my pants and sure enough a man with a dog came running up behind me. I did a little kick & wiggle and retrieved it from the sock end and set off again. I felt like such a goose.


  1. Ha! That is too funny. I have done something similar...but it was down my shirt, so I had to go fishing around in my boobs! LOL I should've realized that there isn't much in there! ;)

  2. we are such elite athletes!