Saturday, May 14, 2011

A centenary...

Erin & I braved the cold weather, rugged up in coats, scarves and hats, to watch a parade last night.

Our branch of the CFA celebrated their 100 years of operation by having a torch light parade. Thirty local brigades from Ararat to Yarambat paraded from Maddingly Park and down the Main Street with Bacchus Marsh leading the show. They marched in uniform accompanied by pipe marching bands. Fire trucks from all eras were also part of the procession. It was quite the spectacle. I thought the torches would be the battery operated kind but they were small kerosene lamps that the marchers held away from their bodies on a long stick.

this 50 seconds of video is from a torchlight parade in Mildura earlier this year but shows exactly what it is like

There were lots of local people cheering them on and I was very proud and glad we had gone down to watch.

Bacchus Marsh is a funny town in that you have to be third generation born, died, worked  & volunteered here to be able to call yourself a 'local'. I don't agree. I feel like a local. I live, work, raise my family and participate in all things local I know lots of the history of the town and have local pride so I classify myself as a Bacchus Marshian.

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  1. Our town fair each year has a parade of the CFA brigade on the Saturday night - it is really moving, especially the year after Black Saturday - we are reasonably close to King Lake. It is a great thing to remember all the volunteers!