Monday, April 11, 2011

Whats cooking...

A very productive day in the kitchen...

Erin has wanted to make a chocolate ripple cake for ages & made this one while I made other things.

 so easy, just layering chocolate ripple biscuits with whipped cream into a log shape and leave in the fridge until the biscuits soften to a cake consistency.

I made a chocolate cherry slice
 and some almond chocolate drops. With Easter approaching I felt like making choc delights.

 I've run out of those tiny foil cups and can't remember where I got them to get some more.

I also made this savoury variation on Palmiers
 Very easy to make, spread a sheet of puff pastry with sundried tomato pesto
 I've never bought this one before but it is very tasty
 then you fold and fold again
 then make 1cm slices into the roll and bake for about 12 minutes in a hot oven

For dinner I made a Veal Scallopine which was really good, much better than last nights attempt at Moussaka which turned out very salty.

Very productive indeed

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  1. VERY productive. :) I am going to attempt the chocolate ripple cake. Surely even I couldn't stuff that up, lol! Looks YUM & I'll have to also give the savoury palmiers a go. They have some great chutneys etc at 'Fruits of Life' on the Avenue. I wonder if it would taste nice with more of an Indian curry flavour..... ?? :)