Monday, April 4, 2011

March roundup...

Clearing off the camera for March has revealed very little. Not many photos taken and the best of I've already shared except for these...

the Grasshopper & Teacher haven't been on a ride together for quite some time

 Cal has improved dramaticallywith all the experience he is getting. He has enrolled in the Vic Roads pilot program to give newly licensed young riders more skills with a defensive riding day. He be able to show the Boy Racer Snr a thing or too.

And here are the big teeth Hayley got from trade school

 They are really big and have the aspects labelled accordingly

I had to put my phone in to get some perspective

All in all life is pretty boring stable & uneventful compared to one friend who is about to embark on 6 weeks of radiotherapy and another who is camping inside as she has pulled out her entire kitchen in readiness for the new installation after the flood damage 12 months ago.

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