Saturday, October 30, 2010


I had to pop in to the lolly shop to get some Halloween treats and got an update on the pedestrian who was knocked down when I was having my haircut recently.

Apparently she walked into the lolly shop the next day to say thank you to Esther for helping. She was bruised and sore but not injured.Quite remarkable really.

Esther went on to tell me that the woman asked her if she had seen her phone after the accident. Esther had scooped up the contents of the handbag that had been scattered across the road from the force of the impact and popped the bag into the ambulance with her. Esther had collected everything she could see but the phone was now missing.

Several days later the phone turned up...the mechanic found it under the bonnet of the car that hit her! It must have been flung up out of her hand, landed on the base of the windscreen and slipped under. I'm sure the mechanic must have been a bit puzzled, but the phone was returned and our story has a happy ending.

Another mystery was solved when Chris found my memory stick!
It had landed under the stools in the kitchen, probably swept off the bench, and I probably would have found it next time I vacuumed (that might have been a while!) I am very relieved that all that work did not have to be re-done and I can stop searching for it.

Good news all round.

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