Monday, October 11, 2010

Not your average hair cut...

Back to school for Erin but I am still on holidays for another 2

Last week I had a quick trim at the hairdresser interrupted by a commotion outside the window. A woman crossing at the pedestrian crossing had been knocked over by a car. Amber, the hairdresser, whipped off my cape and I ran out to render assistance. Her injuries were not immediately life threatening - she was not obviously haemorrhaging and was quite lucid despite the pain she was in. Lots of people had gathered to see if they could help and I knelt beside her until the ambulance came (just a few minutes). She was carted off to hospital and I went back to get the rest of my hair cut.

I had wondered what the extent of her injuries were and if she was OK, more details might be published in the local paper this week. End of story for me or so I thought. My sister rang to tell me she was at a dancing comp in Geelong and talking to someone who was related to someone who had been knocked down by a car in Bacchus Marsh! Her injuries fit the picture but the name was wrong. Could it be the same woman? How many people get knocked down by cars at crossings in Bacchus Marsh?

The mystery goes on.


  1. Any developments? I must admit, I'm disappointed that you took your hairdressing cape off. I was picturing you running out all Superhero-ish! Good job nonetheless Sister.

  2. Thanks Anita, luckily my super powers are not dependant on a cape!