Sunday, October 24, 2010

My leave is over...

Four lovely weeks have zoomed by in one way but in another it has been a good length of time to achieve some of the things I wanted to do. Some of those things were more exciting than others but I am satisfied none the less.

When the children were in Primary School they had to write a diary entry each Monday morning. At the end of the year they would bring their work home and I would read over their many pieces. I have kept some of the books as a reminder of their progress and the way their hand writing had developed. I laugh at these diaries and journals because they alway began 'On the weekend..', mostly they were very mundane activities and some family secrets were revealed in their writing! I am thinking of this as I begin this post.

On my holidays I....

went to 3 parties ☺Yvonnes 40th
                          ☺ Lucy's 21st
                          ☺ Callum's 19th

flew in an aeroplane for the first time in 13 years

visited family, beaches, cafes

had my birthday in another State

watched Spring unfold in my garden and pulled out loads of weeds...look out backyard you're next!

walked beside the river most days, usually when it wasn't raining, the river looks really full

gave blood (and embarrassingly nearly passed out at the end, I've lost all my condition!)

saw the movie 'Eat Pray Love' and enjoyed it. Some reviews made me doubt I would but it was very like the book, so that made it for me. Maybe those reviewers hadn't read the book.

read just one book, but that was enough

scrapped some recent events

made some jewellery and some cakes

tried yoga at the local centre, will probably go back again

was busy at some times and did nothing at others, just the way I like it

went for a ride with the Ulysses club on a beautiful sunny day

spent lots of time with Hayley - lunches at Woodend, Ballarat, before she starts her apprenticeship soon

walked a hundred k's (felt like it) at Chadstone with Vanessa and had a good laugh

had a haircut and helped at an accident - at the same time

did some of the spring cleaning I had planned but not all and thats OK too.

I'm not ready for alarms and uniforms but will go back to work tomorrow with lots of memories of my time off. My first task is to put in a leave form for the next round of holidays!

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