Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrigal...part 2...

Our internet find for accomodation has been pretty good. When you book something sight unseen or without a recommendation it can be a bit risky. We have been pretty lucky in that;

the house is in a good location with great views and

its pretty clean & close to its description.

The views are fabulous

The pool would be great to swim in if it were 10 degrees warmer and not raining
The  10 minute walk to the beach is a steep downhill with what seems to be a vertical climb back up
I've been watching the surfers whilst reading my book and sipping on a wine
Would be just about perfect if it wouldn't rain so much.

It reminds me of when we used to go on fishing holidays as children. The locals used to say 'you should have been here last week' when the fish were apparently jumping into the boat and weighed about 5 pounds each. Today a local shopkeeper told me the weather in Terrigal last week was a sunny 28 degrees. Not this weekend, its been cold rainy and windy, but I'm not letting that spoil my holiday.

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