Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrigal,part one...

Our little trip to NSW began with Erin's first ever plane ride...

When she got off this little plane at Avalon airport we got on a slightly bigger one! She was full of nervous chatter and questions, testing of window shades, seatbelts and asking where the life jackets and oxygen masks were.

She settled down after we took off (and we hoped the kid with the fog horn voice would too)

Chris changed seats with me so he could crane his neck and try to see what she was looking at out the little window. I was reading my book and they were trying to guess what the river was ??Murray and which snow capped mountain it was ?? Kosiosko whichever it was it was very pretty in the distance.
Then as we were approaching Sydney airport Erin taught Chris how to make an origami crane out of a paper napkin.

Then we dashed out to the baggage collection/car rental desk and headed out into mad peak hour/Friday afternoon of a long weekend/Sydney traffic for what turned out to be a 3 hours trip to our Terrigal destination.

More on that next time...

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