Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good weather for...

Yesterday was perfect weather for spring cleaning. I was able to open up the house and blow the dust off things that were very dusty. The rain came in around 5pm and we got 40+ mls in the first hour. It has been light and  steady since so it has been perfect to do a bit of crafting today.

While it has been raining I made this headband for Erin from some beads and foam.

We have been invited to Lucy's 21st and the party has an apple theme. Her family have been orchardists in the Marsh for generations and the event will be held in the apple shed with lots of apple associated goodies. It will be a fun, country style affair. We have been asked to dress up in the apple theme and lots of ideas are floating around in my head...granny smith, golden delicious, pink lady (think Grease!), apple picker or even a tree.

I'm off to make some jewellery and maybe do some scrapping...I love holidays!

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