Saturday, October 16, 2010

The apple 21st...

we had lots of fun at Lucy's 21st last night. The rain held off, there was a fire or two and Karen had done a fantastic job making the apple shed look comfy.

Erin went as a 'pink lady'...
I found that pink jacket in an op shop on Thursday. It cost me a whole $5 and fit her perfectly, some things are just meant to be.

I went as 'granny smith'
 complete with Hayley's apron, Hayley's glow mesh handbag, an op shop dress and a shawl knitted by my sister about 30 years ago (is that right Louise?). Add a wig and glasses and I look pretty much like my mother!

Hayley whipped up a tree costume...variety questionable

There were quite a few Apple iPods...the touch kind

 and the colourful kind

JohnPaul and Mai Pyin came as the 'Big Apple couriers'

There was a couple of Snow Whites and Wicked Witches

 And a William Tell...very clever

 a live band played
lots of people had made an effort which was really great to see, there were lots of apples -red and rotten, farmers, doctors and teacher's pets, even a Statue of Liberty. I was a bit disappointed there was no Tassie references but it was a good night overall.

And the birthday girl had a great time!

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