Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My working self...

As a nurse I am divided between clinical and other duties.

Two days in each week I work in the Day Medical Unit doing clinical nursing and the other days in my week are consumed with education, audits, policy & procedures, KPI's and even more education.

(PS I hate these photos but they were the best of a blurry bad bunch)

I recently organised a study day which turned out to be a more of an ordeal than I first envisaged. After the event my mentors from the Department of Health wanted a short report with photos to add to their report. In the blur of the day a photos was the last thing to think of so last week we opened up the conference room, loaded up one of the 2 presentations I gave and mocked up a photo opportunity. It will have to do.

Note to self: next time you organise a study day apart from booking caterers, guest speakers, thankyou gifts, venue, IT, case studies and presenting...remember to take the odd pic or 2. I wont have to worry about it for a very very long time!

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