Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grand final...

Chris has been waiting 20 years to retake this photo

Hayley was just 2 years old when Collingwood last won the Grand final and he was able to capture this pic with his little daughter, a daughter who was malleable in her choice of teams.

Looks like he will have to wait another week for the photo opportunity


  1. Hey Jo. What a weird feeling! A draw! Who would've picked it? I was only 1 when the last Grand Final draw happened. Oh well, back to try again next week :)
    By the way, I made your lemon slice to take to the Grand Final party we went to was delicious - thanks for sharing the recipe. Have a good week. xxx

  2. We'll be in NSW for the replay, that will be a totally different experience

  3. Hmmm, I reckon they won't even know there's an AFL grand final going on in NSW - they're all going to be focussed on the NRL grand final. Ah well. The boys and I are off to Myrtleford today....if I ever get the last of the packing done. Better get off this computer. Hope you're enjoying the holidays. xxx