Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fathers Day...

Fathers Day around here has been a little unusual.

The girls were at the show most of the day and I went along to that last show with my sister and neice. It was another fabulous performance and a great way to finish off the shows run but we left the fathers at home. Again I was full of pride at the way they performed and loving the opportunity to see Hayley up close showing her talent with the flute.

Chris was going to replace the timing belt on Hayley's car but that big job can wait for another day, a day of relaxing was in order. We'd had a late night yesterday celebrating a 21st/18th for two very nice young men and another weekend has passed.

Louise and Olivia went home to have a special dinner with Bill and I had put on a pot roast to have here, so I hope the fabulous fathers were happy in the end.

Our younger sister is surviving the floods, having about 50mls fall at their place, they are not flooded but pretty soggy. We only had 15 mls here, just enough to make everything wet underfoot. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather, bring on the sunshine!

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