Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bus drama...

there was a little drama near Bacchus Marsh today....A school bus....caught on fire!!!!!

The driver apparently heard a noise, pulled over, got the 14 kids out, then the bus went up in flames. We are very curious as to who the female driver was. The fairly new, air conditioned, bus took 8 firefighters to put out the flames, not something that the small fire extinguisher was ever going to do. As yet the tomtoms haven't reached our place for us to find out which of Chris' old colleagues it was.

Even if Erin was ready in time to catch the bus it wouldn't have affected her.

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  1. Saw this on the news Jo and thought of Erin immediately. Glad she wasn't on that bus. How lucky that every one was able to get out in time. Scary!
    PS. Thanks for your kind words over at my blog. You're a love. x