Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another teapot has been added to our collection...

A trip to Hi-point with Erin included a visit to the t2tea shop to taste the teas and admire the wares. This little beauty had to come home with us.

Erin had a bowl of noodles with an Iced tea drink to wash it down

I have decided I really don't like eating in food courts. The whole thing seems grubby and rushed. You have to circle and swoop to get a seat at a table, then while you are eating try to ignore the hoverers that you were just minutes before. Needless to say we didn't stay long, a quick bite then back to shopping.

Another handbag was added to my collection

I couldn't resist this summery looking number, perfect for our trip to Sydney soon.

The whole weekend has been mild... a taste of warmer weather, a chance to get washing dry on the line, also to get some weeds out. The buds are forming on the trees ready to unfold into leaves and flowers. I picked some of the freesias that pop up and Erin wanted to do a little experiment.

She put one stem in some blue food colouring and we watched as the flower took up the colour with just a hint, it looks like someone has painstakingly tipped each petal.

Another recipe tried

Rum and raisin puddings. I just wanted to try this recipe, it is from a (Donna Hay) Christmas collection and I will make it again, mmm delicious warm with custard

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  1. I didn't know that there was a T2 in Hi-point. Sweet. Love that teapot. Very cool flower idea...... I think that I'll have to steal that. lol! :)