Sunday, September 26, 2010

A glorious weekend...

Finally the sun has broken through and given us a perfect weekend. Aside from the stunning draw in the football grandfinal, the weekend has been just perfect.

I was able to do some walking, baking, cleaning -I even washed my car. We went for a ride with Callum and for a while there I was glad he was behind us and I couldn't see what he was doing. For the short time he was ahead and I was yelling in my helmet...merge, merge or STOP STOP.

Father teaching son...listen closely grasshopper...

Learning on a bike is not so different from learning in a car, they still need instruction, supervision and time to gain experience.  Chris can't be the boy racer at these times, Callum needs to know that he can follow his fathers lead to be a safe rider, these are not the times for riding for pleasure.

I've seen 3 movies this weekend, firstly Erin wanted to see Avatar The Last Airbender, which was quite good but she tried to explain the whole thing during the movie which was a bit annoying but showed how much she like the whole Avatar story. We were just 2 of a dozen people in the theatre.

Erin  borrowed the new Alice in Wonderland from the local rental, she enjoyed it but I don't think she was completely sold on it. I went to bed I didn't like it much and I love Johnny Depp.

 I also borrowed Beneath Hill 60 which I really enjoyed and recommend. Based on a true story of an Australian unit fighting on the Western Front during WW1, I was thinking of our ancestors whose stories I have been researching lately and it made it all the more poignant, an insight to what those men went through and how hard it must have been to come home to a normal life after the war.

As Molly used to say 'do yourself a favour'

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