Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cough, cough, cough...

I've caught a cold.

I hope its not so close to the marathon that it will hamper our last preparations. Hopefully I can get over this and feel well and strong for our race. I am meant to run our last long run tomorrow, a 30k and then begin 3 weeks of tapering. My sore throat is gone but I am left with a lingering cough. A cough that annoys Chris as he tries to sleep. And annoys everyone else including me.
Tomorrow will be OK. I'll just go slow.

I hate being sick. Hate having my plans hampered. Hate the thought I might be passing it on to others. It was bad timing at work as an already stretched roster meant I couldn't follow the golden advice and 'stay at home if you are sick'.

Not that I prescribe to this theory at all but coincidentally I volunteered at parkrun in the rain and helped Hayley move house in the rain and played tennis in the thickest fog and then got sick.

Pini brothers at work...good job boys
this funny little structure is a novelty 

soggy parkrun but still 38 turned up to run
Hayley is settled in her new digs in Moonee Ponds  and I was impressed to find not only the concrete structure that possibly was some sort of cellar or drying room but also a Feijoa tree and an enormous avocado tree full of fruit. I'd already come home with a big bag of lemons and chillis from the old house.

Finally my booked leave time has arrived and now for the next 6 weeks I can concentrate on the things I want to do.

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