Monday, June 13, 2016

The last long run...

it seems you can run 30km with a waning head cold and persisting cough but afterwards you feel pretty bad,

The first 20 were OK and we trotted along and chatted and waved to fellow runners. But then the hurt started to set in and I struggled. I know I can do 25 I kept telling myself, I had done it before and it's just 5 more. Think of the accomplishment I said to myself but then the thoughts of a little bit of walking is OK too snuck in. In the end I finished 30k but didn't run all the way. I'm disappointed I couldn't master my brain and it proves to me I need to practice that part more. A timely post from Tasmanian Annie shows me it is a common phenomenon and I was impressed by her plan to overcome it.

My family are over my persistent cough as much as I am. I'm not sleeping well either. I'm torn between wanting to be well prepared for the marathon and giving myself time to be well. Thankfully my leave means I hopefully can do both.

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