Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Friday check in...

another week of leave is almost done and a lovely week it has been. The weather has turned very wintry and has made me look forward to our Queensland trip even more. I managed to sort some more things around here, cook some meals and cakes, get new tyres for my car, and try to settle into this tapering period.

We ran 15 kms on Sunday and it felt a little strange not to do more and then another run on Tuesday which stretched out our legs. I really enjoyed this run as we paused on top of the hill to investigate the new bridge across the river and then took a cross country detour to get back. We haven't done this running for pleasure running for a while and it was nice not to have time/pace constraints.

The planning and talking and checking of weather forecasts has continued at a furious rate. I am excitedly anticipating this trip and have forced myself not to pack too early. Chris has started his leave as of tonight so we will be able to prepare together the last details.

I want to get in a couple of short runs over the next few days if the icy weather allows.

5 sleeps to go!!

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