Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Asics training plan...

With all of our researching, reading, questioning & trialling we have been sticking to a consistent plan. We've incorporated advice and tried products and gear as we progress. We have found some things that work well (like Tailwind, mefix for chafing) and things that don't (short shorts and black tops) and not been too rigid in our following of the plan.
The last 2 weeks of the plan have been to run a 5k, a 10k and a 25k during the week.

So we headed off to Parkrun on Saturday for a short one, and I was feeling good. I thought I would push myself and see what I could do. The result was a happy PB and a full 96 secs off my previous best time. Another record on my Garmin.

5k in 27:23, my fastest 5k
Must have been the new MCR visor that made me so speedy.

Running Buddy had an idea for our first 25k run

Altona to Williamstown 25km
We started from Altona and ran along the foreshore through to Williamstown, we thought we might get all the way to the Westgate Bridge but we didn't quite make it before we had to turn around. It was a lovely flat run and RB pointed out things from her old stomping ground along the way. We even ran through a farmers market and saw many walkers, cyclists and the odd scuba diver. A strong head wind tried to push us back for the last 3km before we turned and what a blessed relief it was to have that wind finally push us along from behind. Even with the tail wind the last few km were tough and I felt my pace slowing toward the end. I didn't want any views by that time I just wanted to finish. It was the farthest I'd run and showed to me I could do hard things.

Fastest 5k and farthest run all in one weekend.

The second long run was my idea

Keilor to Avondale Heights along the Maribyrnong River
We parked at Brimbank Park and ran along the Maribyrnong River until the track left the river and then turned back. To continue along the river we needed to go up into the streets of Avondale Heights and we weren't really sure of the route so headed back. This run was a bit more challenging, not as flat and it was a cold morning and showers fell intermittently. By the end we were wet through and RB's lips were blue and her hands a deathly white. But we were well prepared with dry clothes to change into and coffee for the way home.
Similarly to last week, the out part of the course was full of chatter and observations of kangaroos and golf courses and the old munitions factory. There were less people out on this cold morning, just a few hardy souls with their dogs. The back part of the run was more like head down, cap low, music on and soldiering on in the rain over the undulating trail. By the time we got back to the car we were a few kms short of our goal so ran past until we hit the 25 km mark.

This week is a lighter week with just a 5k, 10, and another 10.5k to do. I'll also play 2 nights of tennis and do a cardio session on the courts. Then comes a week ending in a 30km run before we start to taper.

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