Monday, May 26, 2014

Bush bashing...

After tennis again on Saturday I was pleased my running chums wanted to do something a little different on Sunday afternoon. We headed out into the nearby National Park and tried running on the trails. We set off on track and when faced with the choice of the 'Long Point track' or the 'Steep track' we took out chances with the Long rather than the Steep. That was the last sign we saw and we made what could have been a fatal mistake when assuming they were circuit tracks. No.
We ran along for a couple of kms and didn't seem to be heading around back to the start. For a long track it was very steep in places and the trail terminated at the top of a rather big hill. Instead of just turning back and running the way we came we reasoned that the trail must loop around towards the car.
The trail disappeared completely and we scrambled down another steep gully, over a creek and caught up the trail again. We laughed about the fact we hadn't really told anyone where we were running that afternoon and all 3 of us had left our phones in the car. We all had GPS Garmins on but they would be only helpful after the fact. We hadn't imagined it would be so ...... wild. And we didn't see another soul the whole time.

Running Buddy is going to go to the library to get a map of the area and we will try the other tracks that look like circuits. We ended up running about 6kms but it was challenging going up the steep bits and just as hard trying to run down them too.

We had a laugh, got sweaty and burned up some calories and didn't need rescuing so all in all a good day.

At the very beginning of the run we passed behind a property that used to belong to family friends of ours. I knew they had moved closer into town a while ago but was pleased to see children's bikes and toys around the backyard. It was nice to think a young family had moved into the home and was able to enjoy the pool, the space and bushy location.

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