Friday, May 2, 2014

Back to running...

Heads up: this post is about running...

Now I am back to work our routine is also back on track. This means running on Monday afternoons, Pilates on Wednesday, mixed doubles tennis on Thursday night and a cardio tennis workout on Friday mornings and then running with the group on Saturday mornings. We had an extra run on Wednesday afternoon as well this week to get ready for tomorrow's 10km run at Hanging Rock. The prep is done but I am a little concerned at the forecast Livinia warned me about tonight - cold, possible hail probably just about 10 degrees in Macedon, could be a little uncomfortable.
While I was running around the tennis court this morning my calf felt good and I thought to myself I love this feeling. Being able to run, dash around the court, reaching for shots, getting out of breath and sweaty felt really good.

I hope I feel like that tomorrow.

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