Saturday, May 3, 2014

Run the Rock

Today was a lovely run in a beautiful bush setting of Hanging Rock, Woodend.

It was a cold start and as we drove over to our destination the misty mountains were pretty but a bit daunting. How cold was it going to be??


When we arrived at the reserve at 830 it was a balmy 7 degrees C. (It only warmed up to 9 degrees by the time we left at 11am)

We collected our race bibs and waited until the very last minute to shed our jackets. The little bit of sun was nice but not enough to take the chill off. At least it wasn't raining, it would have been really miserable if it had.
 Running Buddy found some gloves to try out while running. The salesman told her she would be fine with just a T shirt and these wonder gloves to keep her warm. She wasn't so sure at the start but she did shed them as she warmed up. Once we were running and the sun peeked through the clouds it was just fresh, not freezing. I also bought a pair of the gloves and I think the left one will be good to wear during winter night time tennis games.
 I wore my colour run socks and my Lorna Jane top and was warm after the first 2 kms, when we finished I was sweaty and got cold again.

Hanging Rock is a lovely spot and while we didn't run UP the rock we ran around the base and had some difference in opinion what constitutes undulating.

We ran the 10k in a little over an hour and were pretty pleased with ourselves. We were home by lunch time and able to get on with the normal Saturday duties.

It always feels great when you are done. Being able to run in different locations has been very motivating and I would highly recommend it.

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