Sunday, May 11, 2014

A big week for exercise...

I hadn't intended my week to be so full of activity but that's how it turned out.

First up on Monday Running Buddy asked me and a couple of our friends if we would assist her daughter in filming a step class. T is undertaking a fitness instructor course and needed to submit for assessment herself leading a step class. So we went up to the gym and followed along being the participants that she was instructing.

It was tough.

I haven't done a step class before as I am too uncoordinated for aerobics and Zumba and the like. Pilates is OK as it is a much slower pace and it is all about the stretching and strengthening.
For 2 hours we did this class and I tried to keep up. Afterwards she told her Mum we did very well and she was surprised at how fit we were, it was no ordinary step class it was the top level 'athletic' one.
I felt it the next day. My calves, thighs and upper arms all were complaining (there were many burpees involved). I was glad to do it for her but I wont be signing up for any more step classes.

By Wednesday I was glad to go to Pilates to stretch out my sore muscles.

Thursday night I played two long sets of tennis and won both. Lots of scrambling running to get the ball. Just the sort of tennis I like.

Friday morning was cardio tennis and another good workout of running and hitting.

Saturday I unexpectedly was asked to fill in for the Macedon Ranges Tennis comp and played 3 sets at the Gisborne courts between showers. That was good tennis as well and the better players didn't give any quarter for the 'fill in'. Long rallies with scrambling running ended up with 1 win and 2 losses. Our Bacchus Marsh team won by one game on the day.

While I was out in the afternoon Erin made macaroons for Mother's Day, and kind of cleaned up all the mess.

Today on Mother's Day I went up to the Mother's Day Classic at Ballarat. It was a cold morning but not too bad and we ran 12km around Lake Wendouree (twice for us). I was happy with my time on the nice flat course. There were about 3000 registered to run or walk and the Ballarat group ran a very professional event. Lots of pink and some inventive costumes coloured our morning.

 The Invictus crew had a big group in support of Sam Hatfield who has lost his mother and mother in law to cancer. I had to tape his shin splints for him before he ran. It was nice to be part of a group within the event. This is not so much a race as a collective tribute to women and families who endure breast cancer. The community feeling is wonderful to be part of. I even bumped into Sue, my Breast Care Nurse colleague.

photos from thanks!

While I was running a runner with a 'Super girl' cape and pink undies over her tights gave me some encouragement, it was a nice boost along the way, such is the spirit of the day. My time for the 12 k's ended up being 1:18. Looking back at the exercise I've done this week, not a bad effort.

Mother's Day has been just lovely. Time spent doing what I enjoy, time with the family and a heartfelt message from my faraway girl.

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