Monday, April 21, 2014

A week off...

My week off work turned out to be 11 lovely days of doing not much culminating in our Easter Family Picnic today.

Erin and I shopped.

I read and watched TV.

I ran pain free.

I scrapped a tonne of photos.

I stayed up late and slept in.

I pulled weeds out of the garden.

Yesterday I went to the local ANZAC march to commemorate the fallen servicemen and women from the local area.

And today we braved a cool windy day in Ballarat to have our picnic.

 We walked around the Botanical Gardens after lunch and saw the Ex POW memorial with its thousands of names, and along the Prime Ministers walk. Kevin is the last addition, we want to go back and see Julia's bust when it is installed. I just did a quick google search to find out about Julia's piece and apparently it is finished but they are being slow about installing it.

 I had to take a pic of Mercury as he is the symbol of Chris' old Signals unit and meaningful to us. The photobombers were afoot.

We also recreated a childhood photo. Big Sister is no longer the tallest, the reverse is true in fact.

And I was reminded of this photo, taken on a different trip to Ballarat,  with our adored Nana in her winter coat while we feed the swans. The swans were about today and quite aggressive, not yielding to cars or humans. Not close enough for any injuries, just memories of intimidation.

Lots of memories triggered today.

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